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Published on September 20th, 2013 | by Real-Hacks

PayPal Money Adder (Working Public Version)


PayPal Money Balance Adder - (Current Version – 2.7.3) (PLEASE READ THE FAQ BELOW)


PayPal Money Adder - LoadingPayPal Money Adder - MainPayPal Money Adder - WorkingPayPal Money Adder - Finish


v2.7.3 – Minor bugfix
v2.7.0 – Stable Public Release
v2.6.1 – Introduced Verification Code
v2.3.0 – Added Update feature
v2.0.0 – Bunch of new Updates – New stable Release
v1.8.0 – Code cleanup
v1.6.0 – Should be working for European countries too now
v1.2.0 – Added different Amounts of Money Values
v1.1.2 – Another Hotfix
v1.1.1 – Hotfix
v1.1.0 – New Features Added
v1.0.6 – Bugix
v1.0.2 – Better GUI
v1.0.0 – Initial Release

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – PayPal Money Adder:

Q: The Program throws some Error when started. What is wrong & How can I fix that?
A: The Program was only tested on Windows 7. It will most likely only work on Windows machines. It requires the .NET Framework. (3.5 and 4.0)

Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes. Use a fresh PayPal Account if you are worried.

Q: It says I need a Verification Code, what is that?
A: The Verification Code is a unique Code created within the Program to make sure, you are only able to use the Program 3 times a day. Just click on “Click here to obtain your Verification Code” to create your unique Code.

Q: I don’t trust this Program.
A: Then don’t use it. This isn’t even a question.

Q: If I add myself 3 x $350 a day, will my Account still stay safe?
A: Well.. This one is hard to answer, as I personally never did something like that. You can always use the smaller amounts on your Main Account, and use some $350’s on a freshly created PayPal Account. With that being said, your Account should be very safe, as I did everything I can to distinguish the whole process. The Process itself is not traceable too.

PayPal Money Adder

How was the PayPal Money Adder born?

After I’ve used the PayPal Money Adder for about a year now, I have decided to publish the program to everyone. The Program adds Money directly into your Account. This is accomplished due to security holes within the PayPal System. I obviously will not go into details here. The first time I encountered a strange bug was around 2011, when I purchased an Item through PayPal, and did not got the Amount of Money deducted. The Vendor did get his Money though. It was around that time, when I got interested in how the PayPal System works. I have spent hundreds of hours studying the PayPal System and did hundreds of small Money processes to see how PayPal transactions are working. Finally I found interesting Parameters within the API of PayPal, and dig further into it. Quickly did I understand how the System works, and I was able to compile my first PayPal Money Generator. Why PayPal Money Generator? Well, because as opposed to my PayPal Money Adder, it did not actually add Money into your Account. Back then my PayPal Money Generator was only able to remove your Balance, and replace it with a new Balance, so to speak. Which was funny, because that way you were able to actually turn out with less Money than you had before. This was clearly not intended, and I quickly dumped the PayPal Money Generator, and worked on a new and better System. Which we today know as the PayPal Money Adder.

How the PayPal Money Adder was really born

Again I studied the GETs/POSTs of PayPal to see where the magic was laying. I was very close to giving up, when I finally found a small encrypted Parameter, which initially was not even interesting to me. Not going to go into Detail here, but it was one of those Params no one would have taken seriously. Soon enough I found out, I have dig on gold there. I experimented with the Param, trying to inject my own version of it, until I finally succeeded. The first ever PayPal Money Adder was born! I was able to actually ADD myself Money directly into my Account. I kept this secret for a very long time, until friends of mine ask me, how I had that much Money. I started to share my bot to a very limited hand selected amount of People. As the time of this writing there are only roughly 5 people, who have access to my Program. I didn’t keep the secret to myself for that long, because I’m greedy, but because I just did not want PayPal to fix the hole. But I believe it is about time for me to share it to the world now. To this date I’m not even sure how much Money I have added myself in total. I wish you guys the best of fun with my PayPal Money Adder. I hope you like it and appreciated the amount of hours I put into it!

Can the Program ever be fixed?

If you want me to be honest, I don’t know. The fix itself would be very hard to accomplish to my understanding. I’m more worried about if people are being careful with my program. This is why I added the so called “PayPal Money Balance Adder Verification Code”. The Code is based on complex Algorithms and ensures, everyone is only able to use the Program 3 times a day. This way your Account is never at danger. And even if PayPal might approach you, the Code I’m using is very smart based. It actually acts like someone else did something, and PayPal credited your Account by accident, because your Account did an Action I wont elaborate on within the very same time frame. This way you are and will always stay safe when using my PayPal Money Adder. The PayPal Money Adder also always updates itself, so it will always stay under the radar. Should Paypal make any adjustments I am among the firsts to know, and I will do my best to update the PayPal Money Adder within an acceptable Time frame.

11 Responses to PayPal Money Adder (Working Public Version)

  1. josh says:

    Hey, the Amount is somehow lower than I chose. Is that normal?

  2. MOAN says:

    this working today?

  3. indianplayah says:

    lol workings good??


    YES IT IS WORKING NOW SHUT UP YOU INDIAN MORONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jason says:

    Sigh, I begged you not to do this man.
    If this Program dies I’m fucked pete :(

    • Real-Hacks says:

      Haha. Don’t worry man. I added an extra step to the Public Version. They cannot possibly abuse it… I hope – LOL!
      Besides, it has been up for a while now, and it’s still working. I wouldn’t worry :)

  6. Denzel says:

    Is this still working as off right now…

    • Real-Hacks says:

      Yes it is. Did you encounter any problems? If so please E-mail me with a screenshot and some words on what you’ve done to encounter the bug. I’ll try to fix it as soon as I can spare some time.

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